49 municipalities are considering closing primary schools

Every fifth municipality in a survey conducted by VG state pondering closing down primary schools.

According to VG 49 of 241 municipalities asked have either thought to – or are looking for the closure of faculties included in some new municipality or new school -structure.

Earlier today the newspaper presented an overview showing that almost 1,400 primary schools in Norway have disappeared within the past Many years.

One within the Centre Party (SP) keenest small school champions, Per Olaf Lundteigen, warns against new closures.

– School closures take away the children’s link to the site, expertise in the spot, patriotism on the place and also the willingness to do something for many who live there.

It is important that strong personalities are developed that burns for the village, a hamlet, a residential area. There are lots of types of these people, says Lundteigen.


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