Foreign educations to generally be recognized in Norway

Thousands of foreign workers may now have vocational training received of their home country, recognized in Norway. It may ensure these with higher salaries and forestall social dumping. The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) may be commissioned while using the responsibility to quality assure foreign occupational educations, writes Klassekampen. Before the latest […]


Teacher shortage in Northern Norway

Over the course of your next years, Northern Norway need to have not less than 4,000 new teachers. Moreover, the proportion of unqualified teachers is higher within the north versus the residual country. The Ministry of Education estimates that Northern Norway will require 4,000 teachers in order to change unqualified workers and teachers who can […]


49 municipalities are considering closing primary schools

Every fifth municipality in a survey conducted by VG state pondering closing down primary schools. According to VG 49 of 241 municipalities asked have either thought to – or are looking for the closure of faculties included in some new municipality or new school -structure. Earlier today the newspaper presented an overview showing that almost […]


Young asylum seekers' education in the health service halted without police certificate

Despite a screaming necessity for health workers, young asylum seekers will not receive police certificates were required to take health-related education. – It has to be very easy to find exceptions, says doctor and deputy head of the Parliaments Health Committee, Kjersti Toppe (Centre Party), to V?rt Land. Asylum seekers below the age of 18 […]


BI students fail most

BI Handelsh?yskolen topped records in Oslo and Akershus with 12.Three percent early in the year of 2016. In before summer 2016, 12.3 of the students on campus failed, in accordance with figures with the database for statistics on college, writes Universitas. While the failure rate for the University of Oslo was 6.08 in the same […]


ICT Norway focused on digital divide in schools

OIKT Norway goes around the large differences in digital competence that Norwegian schoolchildren acquire. The trade organisation reacted after the survey indicated that six away from ten seventh graders are applying digital equipment more infrequently than once every seven days however school subjects like math and Norwegian. It comes from a report because of the […]


Norwegian for freshies

Norwegian for newbies is for people that here is a thorough, practical summary of the text. The aim is usually to quickly be capable of getting by in simple everyday situations. Language teaching is undertaken by using a communicative method. Participants really should use the language actively in practical, everyday situations, with plenty of chance […]


Study: – Greater part of exchange students are from privileged families

Most exchange students arrive from affluent families, reported by a fresh survey. – It truly is problematic if our investment in study abroad mostly arises from privileged youths, says Post-Doctoral Christopher Vogt, Department of Sociology for the University of Bergen to NRK news. A new and comprehensive survey in the Centre for International Education (SIU) […]