Thea Bowman students greet U.S. Senator Cory Booker

OVER 350 THEA BOWMAN Leadership Academy Elementary, Middle and High School students attended a Youth Voter Rally not in the Gary Genesis Give attention to Tuesday, October 25. One of several speakers sharing the history of voters’ rights in the states is a U.S. Senator of brand new Jersey Cory Booker, pictured flanked by the students.

Over 350 Thea Bowman Leadership Academy Elementary, Middle as well as School students attended the Youth Voter Rally outside the Gary Genesis Pay attention to Tuesday, October 25th. The trip was considered one of their “Classroom Outside Walls” experiences where students enjoy the unique possibility to connect what they’ve learned while in the classroom to real-world experiences.

There were several speakers readily available who shared a history of voters’ rights in the us, the sacrifices made to ensure that ALL citizens could vote plus the fact that voting. One of many speakers were Gary Councilmen Jerome Prince, Councilmen Ronald Brewer, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, Dr. Vernon Smith, State Senator Earline Rogers plus the keynote speaker, U.S. Senator newest Jersey, Cory Booker. Bowman scholars were among students from many other high schools in the market.

THE BOOKSTORES AT Ivy Tech Community Colleges campuses in East Chicago, Gary and Valparaiso recently donated school supplies to Thea Bowman Leadership Academy in Gary.

Our student council leaders were invited back stage in order to meet Senator Booker, who also once served as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. Booker is well known for his economic development plans for that revitalization of economically deprived cities, his war on gangs and crime and education reform.

County Councilman Jamal Washington and Regina Cossey coordinated case to your students. Area of experience was organized by individuals the Thea Bowman Leadership Academy staff which included: Robert Kuprenas, Leah Hogan, Ms. Chicki, Mr. Yoder, Mr. Brenninger, Ms. Valdez and Ms. Blackburn.

The students received compliments on the school principal regarding their excellent behavior additionally, the professional method by which they represented their families and TBLA.


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