Three out from four need to prohibit the nikab in class

75 percent of Norwegians would like to ban the eye covering headdress nikab in class far better education, in line with a survey.

14 percent claimed it need to be allowed, and 11 percent say logitech has no opinion, in line with the study conducted by Ipsos for the newspaper Dagbladet. C There is a distinct wave across Europe, where nikab and visible Muslim clothes are not desired. Just evaluate the rhetoric of Listhaug, that in Norway we eat pork, consume alcohol and show our face, says Njal H?stm?lingen, human rights expert for the International Law and Policy Institute. Religious historian Kari Vogt, for the University of Oslo, believes a ban to the nikab is problematic and in all likelihood not the ideal solution. C We must be flexible and accessible to a debate to counteract the fact that headscarf becomes so polarized, she said. Simultaneously she added that Egypt, Turkey and several countries in South East Asia prohibits the nikab in teaching situations. FRP would like a ban, as well as in August there is a self-styled integration decision for Labor, Left, SV, KrF and also the Centre and declared that they supported a ban in schools. In November, a big part inside the Church, Education and Research Committee with the Parliament also accepted the nation’s rules against full-face garment in Norwegian schools. A ban might be into position during 2017.

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